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At the Adoption Law Center, we guide families through a complex legal process to attain a binding legal adoption, making your forever family legally secure. Jenny will meet with you and learn your story. Sometimes it is a story of heartbreak and renewal. Sometimes it is a story of a dream come true. Adoption is a life-changing decision. Most adoption stories involve tears of pain and joy.

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"I want to make sure that you know how much you have come to mean to our family. You are our child’s guardian angel!"

T.L. Cheatham County

"Jenny, I will forever remember your concern. You have my complete trust and deep appreciation."

S.H. Davidson County

"Thanks for being the voice of reason and gently but, firmly pulling me through this. I needed you and you were there for me with good sound advise and compassion. I can’t thank you enough!"

R.G. Wilson County

"Thank you so much for your part in making Noel an official part of our family! We are just so happy."

R.G. Davidson County

"I just want you to know I'm grateful for your help. Having you talk me through things and the support you offer has been immense in relieving some of that anxiety, so thank you. A weight has been lifted."

A.H. Montgomery County

What Is National Adoption Day?

Typically celebrated on the Saturday before the week of Thanksgiving, National Adoption Day is designed to raise awareness of the more than 110,000 children in foster care throughout the U.S. who are waiting to find permanent and loving families. National Adoption Day...

Nashville Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent adoptions are a beautiful expression of love and commitment. They are the most common form of adoption. They are often motivated by the desire to unify the family’s last name and for the parent/child relationship to be formally recognized. Many of the other...

Significant Milestones in the History of Adoption in the U.S.

Adoption has been a common practice among people in a wide variety of cultures throughout the world for thousands of years. But its history in the U.S. is much more recent. While individual and “unrecognized” cases of adoption likely occurred much earlier in the...

Surrender of Parental Rights… It’s a Process

When there’s an adoption plan for an infant, usually the birth mother will sign a Power of Attorney allowing the prospective adoptive parent(s) to care for the child, access medical records, and make medical decisions. If the child is born premature, the birth mother...

Don’t Forget About Fathers!

No adoption is without risk.  Every family considering adoption must consider the level of risk they are able to tolerate.  If you are not factoring in the rights of the legal, biological, and/or putative father(s), you are not accurately assessing the risk involved....

Nashville Adult Adoptions: A Beautiful Choice

Adult adoptions are the quintessential act of love and commitment. There is nothing necessary about them. Families (or families of choice) can demonstrate their feelings through their words and actions and account for their loved ones in their wills. Adult adoptions...

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