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Adult Adoptions

Adult adoptions are a beautiful choice to affirm the relationship of parent and child. The stepparent is the Petitioner and his or her spouse and adult child join as Co-Petitioners. None of the typical requirements such as a waiting period, home study, or court report apply in adult adoptions. The primary condition for an adult adoption is consent by the adult adoptee. Sometimes adult siblings are adopted together on the same “Gotcha” day!

For adoptions of individuals 21 years and younger, inheritance laws apply the same as a birth child. However, if the adoptee is over 21 at the time of the adoption, the parents must specifically identify him or her by name in their will if they want the adoptee to be a beneficiary of their estate.

The birth parent whose rights will be terminated should be notified of the Petition because their rights are impacted. However, there is no defense to termination of parental rights in an adult adoption. In other words, even though they receive notice, they have no right to a hearing to contest the adoption. Because nothing is contested, the only court appearance is the final hearing. This allows adult adoptions to be relatively inexpensive.

Adults can include a request to change their name in the Petition. Women that have already changed their last name as a result of marriage can request that their maiden name be changed to reflect their adoptive parent’s name. As with all adoptions, expenses must be disclosed to the Court.

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