It’s important to meet with an attorney to help you develop a list of questions so you are able to choose an adoption agency that meets the needs of your family. Your lawyer can also review all agency contracts and documents. Reputable agencies are more than willing to provide this documentation in advance. We also suggest that you attend several informational sessions offered by a variety of agencies to help determine which one is the best fit for your family. Following are some sample questions you may want to discuss with agencies:

  • Is the agency licensed as an adoption agency by its home state?
  • Can the out-of-state agency work with your home state agency?
  • At what stage in the pregnancy does the agency match birth parents and adoptive parents?
  • What are the agency’s policies on open adoptions?
  • How many children did the agency place for adoption last year? What percentage were newborns?
  • How long is the average wait for a child between application and placement? Does the waiting time differ depending on the specific characteristics of the child or adoptive family, such as race, medical condition, or marital status?
  • What are the total agency fees? When are they due? What do they cover?
  • What does the home study entail?
  • Can the agency provide references from families that recently adopted?
  • What if the adoption doesn’t work out?
  • What post-adoption resources does the agency provide?

Also see our page on Frequently Asked Adoption Questions.

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