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Special Needs Adoptions …Special Considerations | Adoption Law

Every family that considers adoption goes through a discernment process to explore their comfort with and capacity for caring for a child with special needs. Some families feel called to adopt a child with disabilities. If you adopt through an agency or foster care, they will typically help navigate the world of health care, adoption assistance, and social security benefits. But families that pursue an independent adoption don’t have the same advantage. Some things to remember:

The adoption assistance agreement must be complete prior to finalization. Typically, families can navigate these applications on their own. Occasionally, a family needs an attorney to assist with applying for, or appealing the denial of, adoption assistance. The Adoption Law Center of Middle Tennessee, PLLC can help you complete the applications, and this is often a service included for clients adopting a child with special needs.

Do not be reluctant to accept government assistance. By preventing a child from entering foster care or allowing them to exit foster care, you are saving the State and federal government significant resources. TennCare provides the best healthcare coverage in Tennessee, and your child may need it someday, even if you have private insurance and TennCare is secondary. TennCare covers healthcare services for medically fragile children and children with behavioral disorders that other healthcare providers do not offer.