How Adoption Works in Tennessee

How Adoption Works In Tennessee

Your attorney will meet with you and learn your story. Sometimes it is a story of heartbreak and renewal. Sometimes it is a story of a dream come true. Adoption is a life-changing decision. It brings with it the soul-searching, rewards, challenges, and personal growth that accompany a major life event. A typical adoption story involves tears of pain and joy.

Adoption proceedings involve first terminating the parental rights of the biological parents. Sometimes this is accomplished by agreement through a legal process called “parental consent” or “surrender”. Sometimes the termination of parental rights is accomplished through a contested hearing. The hearing and appeals can take many months or even years. Adoption law is based on a standard of the best interest of the child. Your lawyer can request an expedited hearing so that the impact on the child and family is minimized.

An important part of an adoption proceeding is ensuring that the parties are properly served. A benchmark of our judicial system is due process. This means that parties are entitled to notice and a hearing, particularly when a constitutional right is at issue. Carefully select an attorney that is ethical and meticulous. The last thing any family wants is for an adoption to be challenged years down the road.

The Adoption Law Center will guide you through a complex legal process, taking time to answer all of your questions. We prepare you for each court appearance so you know what to expect.

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